SBS DhammaVinaya Learning Tools

Vinaya Vibhaṅga


Made for memorization of Pāli words from definitions of Pātimokkha words in Vinaya Vibhaṅga. It is available for testing and feedback. Be sure to regularly download the latest content here.

It is recommended to study this pack together with the Bhikkhu Vibhaṅga, The Bhikkhu Patimokkha - Word by Word Translation by Bhikkhu Ñāṇatusita and Pātimokkha Word By Word Anki deck and analysis.

Updating existing deck without losing your statistics

It is recommended to use Special fields Add-on

Please see a small video how to update.

Or just follow the description:

Usually it is enough just to double-click on the downloaded apkg file, and it will update in your Anki.

Only you need to remove outdated words

Another method of updating

If you have a problem with updating, you can use the following method:



Check that each of them matches current card settings.