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Beginner Pāli Course at SBS


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This material is for free distribution only.

Originally created by Ven. Bodhirasa. Updated and enhanced by Sāsanārakkha Buddhist Sanctuary Pāli Development panel under the guidance of Ven. Devamitta.

It has introductory meeting + 13 classes + final test. Total 15 meetings.

Please download the latest version of all documents and dictionaries every week, after each class we make some new changes and corrections.

to download any of these documents, select the needed format:
File > Download > DOCX (or) PDF


It is recommended to use Special fields Add-on

How to update Anki Decks for Pāli Pāli Class

How to removing outdated words

All these materials can be found on the SBS file server:

\\FILESRV1\share1\Sharing between users\13 For Pāli class

It is recommended to use the latest SBS Pali Dictionary. All exercises and words used in the course are specifically labelled in the dictionary as such, making it clear which particular meaning of words (if there are multiple) is intended in specific examples in the course.

It is also very useful to have an updated version of DPD, Digital Pāḷi Dictionary.

Intermediate Pāli Course available for more advance Pāli students.

These work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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